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Automatic face mask production line 1+1
For the production of disposable face mask 50pcs/min
Automatic face mask production line 1+2
For the production of disposable face mask 120pcs/min
Automatic folding mask production line
For the production of folding masks N95
Full automatic bottle cap assembling machine
This machine is a fully automatic bottle cap assembly machine, which is used for automatic assembly of bottle caps in liquor making industry, beverage industry and cosmetic industry. Each part adopts automatic feeding system, equipment instead of manual operation, automatic assembly of a number of parts, reduce pollution, ensure quality, improve production capacity, unattended state
Automatic feeding system
Chain plate caps Sorters, vibrating feeding, disc feeding machine, centrifugal disc feeding machine, etc.
Improve efficiency
Equipment capacity:4500-6000pcs/h
Human-computer interaction interface
The graphic window is easy to operate, and the operation screen can rotate at any angle and operate at any bit
has the function of missing parts detection

Missing parts are considered as semi-finished products and unloaded by semi-finished products

Full automatic color eye shadow powder press
This machine is an automatic cosmetic powder pressing machine, which is used for powder pressing in food industry and cosmetic industry. Aluminum plate and powder are all automatic feeding system, equipment instead of manual operation, reduce pollution, ensure quality, improve production capacity.
Automatic feeding system
The aluminum plate is  arranged by sorters , the powder is equipped with automatic powder filling device and has the function of sieving powder
powder regulation
The servo control is used to adjust the powder quantity, and the required powder level can be input into the touch screen
Human-computer interaction interface
There are 1000 sets of formula preservation function, which can be produced directly according to different powder number
Hydraulic system  to press powder
The size of the pressure and the holding time can be adjusted
Automatic bottle multicolor UV screen printing machine
The machine is used in the screen printing process of daily chemical products. It is mainly used in square bottles, and solves the problem of bottle arc printing

Double faced Flame treatment

Double faced Flame treatment
Improve printing fastness
Multicolor printing
+UV curing
Support 2-8 color printing, exclusive patented products, small bottle arc swing printing, to solve printing problems
Tough compatibility
This machine can be used for 5KG, 10KG and 20KG bottles, and the speed is fast.
Automatic turn over printing
It has automatic turn over mechanism, automatic turning surface and printing turn over surface
Full automatic caps stamping machine

Automatic stamping machine is the latest development of the automatic stamping equipment, mainly for cylindrical plastic bottles, bottles and other twists and turns on the surface of the pattern and text of hot stamping.

High degree of automation
The stamping and stamping process of bronzing machine has automatic operation function
Hot stamping speed
high efficiency
Equipment capacity:3000psc/h
good Versatility
The head position can be angle and displacement before and after adjustment. Temperature, speed, hot stamping length, paper delivery and paper tension can be adjusted
Human computer interaction interface
Easy to operate, as well as the parameters of the machine to control, timely adjustment
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